Macro Mixes

Vegan Protein Brownie

R 112.20

These are the ultimate FUDGY chocolate brownies. They are so decadent you’d never guess they’re 100% healthy and packed with protein.
The secret ingredient? Chickpeas! They add protein, fibre, and micronutrients to the brownies, and help create that amazing fudgy texture. All you need to do is quickly blend together the wet ingredients, add it to the premix, and you’re done! This recipe allows a lot of flexibility so you can easily play around with the macronutrient composition. Some easy substitutes are pumpkin for banana, or eggs for chickpeas.                                

  • Banting friendly             
  • Gluten-free             
  • Grain-free                 
  • Sugar-free           
  • Macro Friendly           
  • High in Protein

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