Macro Mixes

Vanilla Protein Oats

R 90 R 108.24

Macro Mixes oats are WAY more than just regular oats. They are your macros, flavours, fibre, and deliciousness all in one. Ready in minutes, these oats turn out perfectly each and every time.

Finally! The all-in-one creamy, balanced breakfast solution you have been searching for. These Vanilla Protein Oats are that soft, comforting and creamy combo that you want to wake up to each morning.

With Macro Mixes oats, there is no need to add a million and one things to reach the macro, flavour and consistency profile you look for in a perfect belly hugging bowl of breakfast. They have done it for you! Unique to their product is that they use gluten-free rolled oats that are roughly chopped to be super quick cooking without being precooked.

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