Macro Mixes

Vanilla Choc Chip Mug Muffin

R 35 R 46.19
Vanilla is not boring. It is soft, sweet, and sexy. Add some sugar-free choc chips in the mix and you are onto a seriously banging flavor combo.

Ready in just 60 seconds, these Instant Mug Muffins require only the addition of some milk or water to turn into a delicious, beautifully textured, fluffy muffin.

And what could be better than a warm vanilla muffin with melted milk choc chips?

The latest addition to their mug muffin range is of course high protein, sugar-free and gluten-free, and it is the perfect partner to the OG Choc Mint Crisp Mug Muffin.

Breakfast, snack, dessert. You name the need. 


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